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We are back!

We are back!

It has been sometime from our last post, probably close to a year, but we are back!  Things have been going great here and we have some great pictures to show you and prove it.  Below is a beautiful kitchen located right here in Buffalo NY! We absolutely love that they were able to mix the granite and marble.  Also the island is built up so it is about 2.5 inches thick.  The cabinetry and overall look of this house is truly a work of art.  Let us know what you think of this wonderful space.


Million Dollar Rooms

Have you ever watched the show Million Dollar Room on HGTV?  It is a great show to get ideas.  Although many of us cannot afford all the wonderful things in these houses there are cheaper options.  I have watched this show and gotten wonderful ideas.

  • Get ideas on how to design your bathrooms- jacuzzi or soaking tub, shower, dual vanities
  • Many times kitchens are featured on the show- I have seen Lava counters, granite, marble, and concrete counter tops
  • Patios- Although some of these patios are very elaborate you can get an idea if you would like yours to look something that it.  Do you want a pool, bar, cabana
  • The color tones of different houses

Although some of these things may see far-fetched for most of us, I highly recommend watching the show.  It will give you wonderful ideas for that next project you are doing.

Job Gone Wrong

Check out what happens when you hire the wrong granite contractor.   These problems are preventable and buyers should be aware of problems such as these.

One thing to be aware of is the different colors and patterns in the granite.  A good granite supplier/fabricator will show you how your granite will fit together.

We are back!

Hotel @ The Lafayette

Roughly six months ago Hotel @ The Lafayette was opened in Buffalo, New York.  Hotel Lafayette is a historical building that was just recently restored.  Now it is the home to 57 hotel rooms, residents, banquet spaces, restaurants, desserts,  floral shop, and other boutiques.

For a little history lesson, the historic building was designed by Louise Bethune, the first female architect to be recognized in the United States.    Hotel Lafayette was built between 1902- 1911 by the architectural firm, Bethune,Bethune, & Fuchs of Buffalo.  The hotel still showcases the French Renaissance style of architecture that is original to the building.

Helping the restoration process was wonderful.  We are so grateful to be giving the opportunity to work in this historic landmark.

Hotel at the Lafayette