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9 Unique Ways To Use Stone In Your Home

Almost every home you walk into has stone countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, or both. But there are so many other ways to incorporate stone into a home that’ll add style & value – starting with fireplaces.

You can use the stone to create a fireplace surround (the picture to the right) or the entire fireplace (the picture to the left).

To add style and durable storage space, you can place a stone countertop in the pantry!

You can also use stone for accent walls,

shower walls,and backsplashes.  Another unique way to use stone in your home is to create a tabletop or desk! Lastly, like the pantry, you can add style and durable storage space to your laundry rooms and closets by adding stone counters. .

There are so many unique ways you can use stone, don’t limit it to kitchen and bathroom countertops.

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