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News from the Quartz Industry

News from the Quartz Industry

In light of the current uncertainty in the market regarding the price and availability of quartz, we decided we should reach out with a statement that shares our thoughts and feelings with you.

As many of you already know, there are tariffs set to take effect that will greatly increase the cost of any quartz imported from China.  Cambria has argued that the import of Chinese quartz has been unfair for American businesses.  Cambria’s president says that he is merely seeking to level the playing field for his company.  We feel that rather than leveling the playing field, this will deal a huge blow to the industry as a whole.

In the past, we reached out to Cambria’s headquarters and expressed an interest in fabricating their product.  We were told that they already worked with someone else in our area and they weren’t interested in working with us.  Luckily we are able to carry a variety of other quartz lines because it seems Cambria isn’t interested in us or our clients. We do our best to accommodate all of our clients, but we fear we will not be able to do so if quartz prices continue to increase.

We are not talking about a small increase in prices. In case you have not already heard, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Wednesday the preliminary antidumping (AD) determination on quartz surface products from China.  The AD preliminary duty rates are very high, ranging from 242%‑ 342% depending on the supplier.  The AD duty will be imposed on quartz surface products from China in addition to (1) the 34.4% countervailing duty (CVD) rate (or higher for certain exporters), and (2) the 10% Section 301 tariff (scheduled to increase to 25% at the end of 2018)—both of these taxes were imposed back in September.

We feel that we have finally reached a point where quartz products have become affordable for the average consumer.  With these duty rates, quartz will once again be out of reach for many of our clients.  A lot of the quartz that replicates marbles are going to be effected, which is unfortunate because this is the look many of our clients are looking for.  Unfortunately many of the other lines do not carry quality marble imitations including Cambria.  We strongly feel that Cambria’s insistence on these outrageous tariffs will be harmful not only for us but for our customers.  This may be good for Cambria’s bottom line, but the industry as a whole is going to suffer.  We do not want to see our clients and our fellow businesses harmed by increasing prices.

The following quartz lines that we carry will be effected: Q-Stone, Daltile, Corian Quartz, Aurea Stone, Zeal, Colorquartz.

The following quartz lines will NOT be effected:  Caesarstone, Silestone,

To hear more about it check out this interview with MS International.


Quartz products in Buffalo

Quartz products in Buffalo

Here at Italian Marble & Granite in Buffalo we offer a wide variety of Quartz products.  Many of the colors look alike, however some manufactures are beginning to come up with great marble alternatives.  People want quartz for many reasons.  Such as the consistency of the stone, durability, and ability to now look like marble.

Many quartz products have consistent colors.  They are a solid color, have some speckles, or have sparkle going through out them.  However, some are beginning to have some movement going through them.

The durability of quartz is also a huge leading factor in the decision to purchase it.  Quartz products are not porous and do not need to be sealed, which is why many medical professionals are putting it in their offices.  But also many homeowners are beginning to put it in their homes due to lack of maintenance.  As a side note though the quartz products are not heat resistant which is why their warranty will be voided in used on fireplaces.

Lastly building off of the durability component of quartz, many quartz products are beginning to look similar to marbles.  This is a huge selling factor for us.  Many people love the look of the white marbles.  Now many of the quartz companies are beginning to come up with stones that looks like Statuario marble and Calacatta marble.  These natural marbles are beautiful but the maintenance can be overwhelming.  They are porous, can etch, and need to be sealed frequently.

At Italian Marble and Granite we offer six different brands, Caesarstone, Hanstone, Zodiaq, Q-Stone, Daltile, and Silestone.  Come in and check them out, we have something for every price point!

Dreamy Marfil by Caesarstone

Dreamy Marfil by Caesarstone

Countertop Edges-What is the best fit?

Countertop Edges-What is the best fit?

Picking your countertop edge can be a little overwhelming for some people, especially when taking specific stones into account.  When our customers are looking for edges we take three main factors into account.

  1. The most important factor to take into account is the type of stone.  A quartz countertop (engineered countertop) can have any type of edge, expect for a rockface finish.  A rockface edge is rough and have a chiseled look.  Many quartz companies will not warranty the stone if this edge is used.  As for the marbles and granites, different characteristics of the stone need to be taken into account.  Some granites and marbles and more susceptible to chipping so an ogee edge, or an edge with a sharp point may not be recommended.  If the granite or marble has a “sugar” charactertistic to it, a rockface will not be recommend as well.  The potential for the countertop to break during fabrication is higher.
  2. The feel of the room/design.  Some edges look more modern, where others have a classic look to them.  A bevel edge can almost have a more modern look to it.  Where the ogee or ogee stepback has a formal look, like a furniture piece.
  3. Lastly the budget is taken into account.  In our company we have four standard edges.  Built-up edges, ogees, and bullnoses are additional money due to the increased amount of labor.

So when picking your edge, make sure your fabricator or sales person helps with the process.  Make sure they go over the characteristics of the stone and you understand what edges are best for the stone.  They can also help you understand which may fit the room in your house.

Built up ogess step back edge on countertop

Built up ogee step back edge on countertop

Design in Your Home

If you have extra time this weekend, I know not all of us do, check out this section of the Caesarstone website.  It gives you the opportunity to design a kitchen using some of their stones.  I think it is a great way to help people visualize their dream kitchen.  It also gives you the ability to get creative and get some ideas for your own home.  If you are not interested in remodeling or building it is a great way to preoccupy yourself. 


Is it Marble or Caesarstone?

Is it Marble or Caesarstone?

Caesarstone has come out with 5 great new colors.  These new colors are intended to duplicated what nature has created, marble.    As mentioned multiple times on this blog, marble is a beautiful surface.  But it requires attention and is hard to maintain.  Although it does look beautiful it can be destroyed within a matter of years due to the staining and scratching.  Caesarstone noticed that the their clients desired the natural beauty of marble and they set out to make a product which will hopefully satisfy their desire for marble.  Below are pictures of the 5 new colors and a poll.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could participate in it.  We want to know if you think these new colors can be used as an option for marble.  The new Caesarstone colors will not stain or scratch, therefore it might be a better option for many people.  Let us know what you think! Do you think these stones look like marble??

**These pictures have been taken from Caesarstone.com**

Dreamy Marfil Emperadoro Frosty Carrina London Grey Piatra Gray