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Know Your Stone: Taj Mahal Quartzite

Hidden in the Hills of Goiana, Brazil, you’ll find one of the most desired stones, Taj Mahal Quartzite. Over the last few years, Taj Mahal has increased in demand due to its aesthetics and durability.

Quartzite is a natural stone formed by crystallizing from molten magma. Since Taj Mahal is a fully re-crystallized stone, it is considered a true quartzite. It is ideal for countertops, backsplashes, waterfall islands, and accent walls. Quartzite resists moisture, bacteria, stains, scratches, etching, and heat. The stone is also low maintenance and, if broken, can be repaired (unless shattered).

Taj Mahal Quartzite features creamy colors and marble-like veins. The soft white background has wispy gold and brown veining. When you choose Taj Mahal as your stone, it is not difficult to design the rest of the room.

Taj Mahal Quartzite pairs well with many colors. Here are a few colors that bring out the beauty in the stone. Taj Mahal looks beautiful with off-white, beige, or cream-colored cabinets. Pairing the two can create a clean look with a soft and homier atmosphere. Second, you could use earth-toned cabinets to create a more natural and rustic kitchen, for example, wood. Third, if you prefer color, you can use blue cabinets. The tan tones in the stone complement the blue color, creating a sophisticated look.

Lastly, care and maintenance when it comes to quartzite. Seal your countertops as recommended by your installer. Clean up spills promptly; allowing spills to sit can cause staining in the stone. When cleaning your counters, use a cleaner made for quartzite. If you do not have a quartzite cleaner, you can use warm water with mild soap. Remember to steer clear of harsh cleaners and chemicals. Lastly, don’t forget to use coasters, cutting boards, and hot pads to protect the stone from any unnecessary damage. If you follow these tips, your stone will last for years.

Taj Mahal is a beautiful and durable stone. It is perfect for vertical and horizontal application and ideal for high-traffic areas. Schedule an appointment to visit our showroom to see if Taj Mahal is the stone for you.

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