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Marble-Best product to use?

Marble-Best product to use?

Lately marble, especially white marble, has been one of the trends of 2012.  White marble is absolutely stunning in kitchens and bathrooms, but is it the best product to use?

We do not recommend marble for kitchens, bathrooms, or public bars.  This is mainly due to the fact that marble is very porous.  Therefore, wine, makeup, condiments, food, and more can stain the marble.   Marble also scratches easily, so you cannot cut directly on it.  So a kitchen that gets used very often, or a family with young kids should not necessarily have a marble counter top.  BELIEVE US, we LOVE MARBLE.  But, sometimes it is not very practical.

Now there are things that can be done, if marble is a necessity in your home.  I will not deny that white marble is absolutely beautiful with dark cabinets, so if it is a “must have” there are somethings we can do.  First we recommend that we hone your marble.  Most counter tops are installed with a shinning finish, polished, but honing gets rid of the shine.   The honed finish can hide the scratches easier.  Also, we have a special sealer that can make the marble less porous.  So, the ability for the marble to absorb wine, lemon juice, and etc are decreased. Applying the special sealer and honing the marble are not going to make the marble as durable as granite, but it will make it better.

Another option for people is to look at a granite that looks more like a marble or an engineered stone, such as CaesarStone.  Although they may not be exactly what you are looking for they will be more durable.

Preparing for your project

Like many things planning needs to be done when you are getting granite, marble, or any other type of stone.  So here is a list of things to keep in mind when getting your new counter tops

  1. Bring in a layout of your kitchen, bathroom, etc so quotes are generated properly.
  2. Make sure you are ready for your field measure- Cabinets should be installed and level.  If this is a remodel make sure you have your previous is top taken off.
  3. All plumbing fixtures should be ordered before the field measure.  This is important because we cannot re-cut something once it is cut.  So, everything has to be right the first time