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Trends to Expect in 2022

As the new year approaches quickly, here are some trends to look out for in 2022.

First: The demand for two-tone kitchens is on the rise. You can never go wrong with gray or white as one of the base colors; it is easy to find colors that complement them. But keep it simple and use counters, floors, and cabinets that will never go out of style.

Note: Popular paint colors to expect: greens, blues, beiges, pinks.

Second: Natural is in again (surprise surprise). You can never go wrong with granite and marble looks; they are timeless stones. Also, wood is back. A lot of homes are adding light wood accents around the house.

Third: Glossy finishes for counters are out, and matte finishes are in. Why? Matte finishes are said to give off a more calming aesthetic.

Fourth: You can expect to see concrete and copper-style counters; and terrazzo styling on walls and floors. 

Note: Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass, shell or other suitable materials. It uses either a cement or epoxy matrix as the binder.


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