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Italian Marble and Granite

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Semi Precious Stones

Caesarstone a provider of quartz surfaces also offers a line called the Concetto line.  The concetto line is a hand-made stone that is made from semi-precious stones.   The concetto stones can be translucent and therefore lit up.  Like many of the other of surfaces made by Caesarstone the surface is heat, scratch, and stain resistant.  The concetto line can be used in many different situations and can be great accent pieces.  The surfaces can be used in the traditional context such as kitchen counter tops and vanities.  But, it is beautiful when it is used as walls, floors, or custom furniture.  The pictures below are not picture from Italian Marble & Granite, but from the Caesarstone website.  “Photos provided by Concetto by CaesarStone – 877.9QUARTZ – www.concettoUS.com.”


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