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Preserving your Countertops During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again!  Everyone is coming over and surrounding your beautiful marble, granite, or quartz countertops.  Food and different beverages will be passed around, but how safe is your countertop.

If you have a marble, you are probably aware of the different factors that can hurt your counter.  Different foods and beverages can stain or etch your stone.  In regards to the granite, it is still a natural product.  Staining is not as much of problem as it is for marble.  However, it is not recommend to let spilled red wine sit there for awhile.  If you have overhang on your island or peninsula make sure no one is standing or sitting on it.  There is not as much support at the overhangs and the countertops can break.

So what can you do to help prevent damage to your countertops?

  1. Check to see if your countertops need to be sealed.  (QUARTZ DOES NOT NEED TO BE SEALED)  It is a common misconception that granite needs to be sealed every couple months.  We use high quality sealers that can last up to ten years, especially on granite.  Take some water and put it on your counter.  After a couple minutes if the water starts to bead then you do not need to  reseal your granite or marble.  If the water in being absorbed into the stone, then it needs to be sealed.  If your counter needs to be sealed call your local granite fabricator.  They have high quality sealers that are easy to apply.
  2. Make sure you have your guests use coasters, especially on the marble.  The last thing you want are marks from everyone’s red wine or food.
  3. Do not allow anyone to sit or stand on the countertops.
  4. If you are using quartz make sure you are not putting hot pans directly on the surface, you run the risk of melting or damaging your counter tops.
  5. Sometime stains happen.  If they do, call your fabricator as soon as possible.  There are different products they can use to try and remove the stain.

We hope this helps during this busy time of year.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!IMG_1388

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