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Porcelain Countertops from Ciot

We recently hosted an event in which we brought in some new materials from one of our suppliers in Toronto. One of the main features of the event were the slabs of porcelain from Ciot.

Many people are unfamiliar with this man-made stone as a countertop surface, but porcelain is actually a great choice for vanities, shower walls, and even kitchen countertops.  Porcelain ciot

The slabs come in a reduced thickness (6 mm) and are fully polished. Porcelain is heat resistant since the countertops are made while going through temperatures upwards of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to countertopguides.com. These countertops also resist scratches, chipping, cracks, and every day wear and tear.

In conclusion, if you love the look of marble but are wary of the downsides marble possesses (being a softer stone) then porcelain would be a great alternative for your project.

(Photo from www.ciot.com)

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