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Know Your Stone: Quartzite

A custom fireplace in Taj Mahal quartzite


When it comes to choosing the perfect stone for your home, we know that it can be confusing trying to sort through all the options. Between colors and stone-type, texture and edges, there’s a lot of info out there. But never fear, because the team at Italian Marble & Granite is here to help!

One of the most popular stones today is quartzite, and no wonder. This natural stone boasts beautiful, marble-like colors and veining, with a resistance to etching that rivals granite. And while quartzites tend to be pricier, the hardness of the stone makes it a durable choice; well worth the price for your kitchen or bathroom.

It’s important to note that quartzite is a very different product than quartz, which is a man-made stone that, while very popular and durable, does not offer the same heat-resistant properties as quartzite and granite.


A custom countertop in Taj Mahal quartzite


And as quartzite becomes more and more popular, it’s essential to know that product is the real deal — oftentimes a stone is being sold as quartzite when in reality it is a hard marble. This becomes an issue especially when installed in kitchens and bathrooms, since marble is notoriously porous and can easily stain and etch.

But Italian Marble and Granite is dedicated to an enjoyable and transparent customer experience, which is why we test every stone as it comes into our warehouse. You can be sure that when you come into our showroom you are guaranteed the highest quality stone from Western New York’s quartzite expert.

Take a look at some of our favorite quartzites for some ideas as you dream up your next remodel:

Taj Mahal

This is an incredibly popular stone, with warm creamy tones, a little bit of grey and soft, subtle movement for an overall clean look. This is a great example of marble movement in a quartzite.

Sea Pearl

This stone has a rust color, with a bluish-green hue. With a nice white undertone, and thin, dramatic veins, Sea Pearl is another great choice for that marble look with added durability.

Opus White

This stone is closer to pure white than Sea Pearl, but still maintains a slight grey undertone. With high contrast, thin black veins, Opus White is a striking stone with horizontal movement and small touches of brown.


This grey-green stone has pure white veins that vary in thickness depending on the lot, for a dramatically different look from piece to piece. The overall green cast, however, is maintained, giving it a distinct hue.


Corteccia is an affordable quartzite that brings a lot of color, with greens, browns, and rusts peeking through a natural, layered look. It’s an excellent stone that offers the durability of quartzite at budget pricing.


This exotic stone is sure to be a talking point in any room. With a bold blue/grey/rust color, and thick veins with big movement, this is an incredibly unique piece.

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