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Italian Marble and Granite

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Introduce Texture

When most people think of a solid surface such as granite they automatically think of a polished looking surface.  But, there are different finishes that a stone can have.  For example, most marbles we prefer to put a honed finish on because scratches are less noticeable.  Honing is a process that we only do to marble.

This is a picture of a honed piece of marble.

Granites can also have a less polished look.  This different finish is called antiqued.  The antiqued finish has a leathered feel to it.  The shine is gone and the stone looks lighter.  Also, the antiqued look will also lessen the visibility of small veins through out the stone.

This is a picture of African Tapestry Antiqued.  Notice the lack of shine.

These looks can calmer and not as bold as the traditional polished look.  They look great and are a wonderful option if you want something a little different.

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