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Cleaning Your Stone Countertop

Keeping the surfaces in your home clean is a top priority when it comes to your family’s safety, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. While many of us would instinctively reach for a household disinfectant or wipe, it’s important to understand that many types of cleaners could cause serious damage to natural stone countertops.

Alcohol based cleaners can potentially remove the sealer on your granite or marble surfaces, and seep into the stone, causing permanent damage and etching. It’s worth noting that quartz, a manmade product, is completely non-porous, and can often handle harsher cleaners that its natural stone counterparts cannot.

We recommend that consumers use a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water to clean surfaces, and if soap scum is a concern, Miracle brand granite and marble cleaner afterwards to minimize the appearance of streaking.

To clean your counterop:

  • Put warm water into a bowl
  • Add a small amount of detergent or soap, diluting it
  • Clean the surface of your countertop with the solution
  • If you are experiencing soapscum or buildup, use Miracle brand granite cleaner

The Natural Stone Institute also suggests a mixture of water and ammonia if a deeper clean is necessary, but warn that repeated ammonia application can cause damage to the stone. Under no circumstance should you ever use bleach, or any acidic product on a natural stone countertop.

We understand that disinfecting your countertops is an essential part of routine cleanliness, and we hope this information helps keep your home a safe and healthy environment while maintaining the longevity of your stone. At Italian Marble and Granite we are happy to help address any concerns you have with the maintenance of your granite, marble and quartz countertops. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

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