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2013 Remodeling Trends

Now that the new year has set in, what will you be expecting to see as new remodeling trends?  Open layouts are one of the largest trends noted by many professionals.  Many remodeling projects are initiated because homeowners want to open up their homes.  Many professionals say they are going into homes to remove walls and open up rooms within houses.  Also, homeowners want to grow with their homes.  So when building or remodeling their houses they are being conscious of the future.   More specific trends we may start to see specifically is a move to a more clean and simple look, contemporary.  Clutter is being cut and people are looking for clean lines and simple looks.  At the same time, individuals are continuously trying to “go green,” because they are still concentrating on energy-efficient appliances and taking  it a step further and using recyclable materials.   Many professionals believe we will begin to see more quartz surfaces in the kitchen and Calacatta marble in the bathrooms.  What are your opinions on these latest trends?

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